HyPOWER Systems employs a team of qualified personnel to provide a responsive technical support service to our customers. All technical services employees have an engineering or engineering technologist background to be able to independently analyze problem areas and assist our customers in selecting and utilizing products specifically rationalized according to their individual needs.

Our technical services team consists of Field Applications Specialists, Technical Product Specialists, and CAD/Shop Specialists trained to provide specific product related technical support or more general application review and analysis.


Hydraulic Schematic3D Hydraulic System Drawing

Our team is focused on providing value to our customers by:

    • Focusing on equipment reliability
    • Identifying methods of reducing maintenance costs
    • Reviewing use of existing products during application and process changes
    • Providing resources to perform detailed product selections for specific applications
    • Applying new and innovative products to solve problems
    • Generating component drawings where accuracy is required
    • Generating system drawings for illustration and assembly purposes
    • Providing quick and accurate product support answers
    • Assisting in standardization initiatives from a technical perspective
    • Manifold design
    • Equipment mapping and surveys

Whether you need on-site troubleshooting and applications analysis, detailed technical assistance relating to the specific use of a product, 3-D CAD drawings and modeling, or a combination of these services, our team is mobile and ready to assist.

Strategically located across Western Canada, our technical services team is positioned and designed to be responsive to our customers. Contact your local HyPOWER Systems servicing location or representative for more information or to inquire about utilizing our available services.

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