Part of ensuring that a fluid power system is completely functional includes proper selection of the hose assemblies used to connect the components. Standard SAE specifications are all well and good, but many situations are subject to extreme pressures, temperatures or abrasion. HyPOWER recognizes this and offers the expertise combined with quality products to ensure that downtime is kept in check. Our technical service representatives and fluid transfer specialists have years of experience servicing major industries including oil and gas, forestry, mining, manufacturing, construction, marine, agriculture, transportation and virtually any application that uses hose assemblies.

To ensure that quality fluid transfer products are readily available to meet industry needs, HyPOWER has established an elite partnership with Eaton. All of HyPOWER’s locations are pleased to offer the Eaton Weatherhead brand of hose and fittings, with the exception of Fort McMurray where the Eaton Aeroquip brand is offered. Both Eaton brands are equal to meeting the rigorous industry applications and requirements.

Backed by Eaton support personnel and a direct link to Eaton engineering, HyPOWER has the resources to recommend fluid transfer solutions that perform to the stringent demands of our customers’ unique applications and operations. Check some of the following links to view details of Eaton products designed for some of those stringent demands.

WeatherBLAZE & WeatherFROST RhinoHide II™
MatchMate ICE Bruiser

Mobile Fluid Transfer ProductsIn-Plant Fluid Transfer ProductsMobile Service Capabilities


You can visit the Eaton literature website to view documents on product offerings, "how to" tips and crimp specifications.   In addition to an extensive inventory of fluid transfer products at our HyPOWER branch locations and in our distribution centre, Hypower offers value added services including, but not limited to:

  • Crimper training
  • On-site product training
  • Specialized Eaton training programs
  • Crimping services in house and on-site
  • Crimp machine placement programs for large customers
  • Contact HyPOWER to review your hose and fitting needs and find the right match of service, product and price.

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