Water and Entrained Gas in Lube Oils

The effects of water in oil systems can drastically reduce lube performance and reliability. Bearing life and critical component life is greatly reduced by water levels above the saturation point. Continuous or periodic high water levels can result in damage such as:

  • Corrosion
  • Loss of film thickness - abrasive wear
  • Loss of dielectric strength
  • Fluid Breakdown
  • Additive precipitation and oil oxidation
  • Reduction in lubricating properties

Many technologies exist for the removal of free water from hydraulic and lube oils. Absorbent filters, centrifuges and coalescers can only remove free water. The best way to remove dissolved water is by vacuum dehydration. With our complete line of Pall vacuum dehydrators, we can achieve water contents well down into the dissolved range.

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HVP903 Purifier
Water Saturation Point in Lube Oil
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