Contamination Control in Hydraulic and Lube Systems


Over 70% of all mechanical component failures are due to surface degradation, most of which is brought on by particulate in hydraulic and lubricating oils. Improving fluid cleanliness means reduced downtime, more reliable equipment, longer fluid life, fewer maintenance hours, and reduces costly component replacement or repair expenses. An improvement of just two ISO codes can mean a doubling of component life in your hydraulic or lube system!

Set a target ISO code … let HyPOWER help you develop a plan to achieve and maintain target fluid cleanliness. Arm yourself with the support, training, tools and practices to operate more efficiently, maximize uptime and save money.

New oil can be one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination. 22/20/18 is a common ISO code for new oil which is not suitable for hydraulic or lubrication systems. A good target for new oil cleanliness is 16/14/11.

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