In the Beginning

Since the beginnings in 1948, Bearing & Transmission dabbled in fluid power sales but it was not until the early 1970’s that HyPOWER Systems then known as “Fluid Power Division of B&T” spun off to become a separate entity specializing in fluid power products and services 

The 1970s
The Specialization Era

1970 - As the needs of customers expanded it became evident that in order to properly support these needs a separate operating division was required.  With a conscious effort to better service the expanding customer needs a decision was made to establish a specialized “fluid power” division.  This new division was called “Fluid Power Division of B&T”.

A New Operating Company

1972 – Curtis Hoover, a hydraulic (Vickers) distributor/service business in Saskatchewan was acquired, and consequently the company established a new operating unit with locations in Regina and Saskatoon named B&T Fluid Power Ltd.  
1972 – B&T Fluid Power was intent on growth and later that same year, the new company made their first move outside of Saskatchewan, opening a new facility in Prince George

1977 – The next move for B&T Fluid Power on its expansion trail was to Green Field a new branch in Prince Albert to service the well established forestry industry and local businesses.
1979 – With the Saskatchewan branches well established and growing, attention was turned back towards the lower mainland of British Columbia where (Progressive Air & Hydraulics) in Vancouver was purchased.
1979 – B&T Fluid Power made its first move into the province of Manitoba with a new Green Field location in Winnipeg. Then later in the mid 80’s the Winnipeg location expanded the operation when it purchased “Fluid Power Design” and merged both locations into one. 

The 1980s

1980 - To truly cover all the Western Provinces of Canada it was necessary to have a presence in Alberta. So in 1980 a partnership was established with H&M Fluid Power and the first Alberta branch was opened in Edmonton.  
1982 - To  further distinguish itself as a true fluid power company and to develop a brand that could help the company establish itself as a premier fluid power company in Western Canada, B&T Fluid Power and all it’s past acquisitions changed their name to HyPOWER Systems.

The 1990s

Innovation and Continued Growth

1991 – In order to properly service the customers in both Northern and Southern Alberta HyPOWER expanded from the single Alberta branch in Edmonton and opened a second location in Calgary.
1992 – The Hydraulic division of Calgary Hose & Hydraulic was purchased and merged into the already existing HyPOWER Calgary branch.
1992 – With the requirement to meet the growing fluid power product needs of customers, HyPOWER made a significant agreement with Vickers and became the only authorized Vickers Distributor for Western Canada.
1993 -  HyPOWER had established several locations in Western Canada and were looking to better their service levels to their customer base.  In an effort to stabilize their supply and improve inventory management, HyPOWER set up a Distribution Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba to supply product to all of their locations. 
1994 – To expand the footprint across Western Canada, HyPOWER green fielded a new location in Campbell River to supply fluid power products to the forest and marine industry on Vancouver Island.
1996 – As HyPOWER Systems grew, so did the capabilities of the company.  An ever increasing demand for large projects and customer specific power units across Western Canada, led to the establishment of Q1 Design & Mfg.  This power unit division operating out of Delta, British Columbia quickly ramped up production to assist in the specification, design and manufacture of power units for all HyPOWER locations across Western Canada
1998 – The late 1990’s showed a changing trend in business with the development of large corporate customers requiring local specialized service for their business.  In response to customer demand, the Grande Prairie facility was opened in 1998.

The 2000s

2000 - On June 1, 2000, the network of HyPOWER branches was purchased by our present parent company, Applied Industrial Technologies (AIT). Becoming part of Applied Industrial Technologies meant HyPOWER Systems became part of one of the largest distributorships in North America, with a network of more than 4700 associates at 460 facilities in 48 U.S. states, 6 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

2002 - In 2002 when AIT acquired the multi location IECO (Industrial Equipment Company), a new HyPOWER location was added to the team in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  This is the latest location to be added to HyPOWER Systems. 

HyPOWER Systems has almost 40 years of experience responding to the needs of the marketplace. It is the philosophy of providing full service locations that set the company on its present course of expansion and continues to set the tone for the future.  HyPOWER will continue it’s growth by offering premiere product lines, full service locations and technology expertise to their customers. 

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